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Turtles have a unique aging mechanism

cherepaha0044f29Scientists at the University of Southern Denmark have identified a unique aging mechanism in turtles that is unlike any other animal or human. According to a study published in the journal Science, these reptiles age very slowly, and in some cases very little.

In the course of the work, experts analyzed 52 species of turtles from zoos and aquariums, as well as those living in their natural habitat. It turned out that 75 percent of the experimental subjects almost do not age, and in 80 percent withering occurs more slowly than in modern people.

Such results were demonstrated mainly by those subjects who lived in more favorable conditions in zoos than their relatives from the wild. However, the scientists stressed that this mechanism of aging does not mean that turtles are immortal, but only that “their risk of death does not increase with age, but it is still greater than zero.” In addition, this finding has little application to humans and other primates, as improved living conditions prevent them from reducing the rate of aging.

Previously, experts said that the rejection of a dense late dinner and a reduction in the daily caloric content of meals can extend life by a third.

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